Thursday, 24 April 2014

Skissedilla April's Sketch

Back to getting arty and having fun with messy stuff again....
 Skissedilla's April Sketch definitely was the trick!
 I flipped it on its side....

The sketch can be found HERE

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

2014 Project Life... finally begins!

The first part of this year has been super crazy with work and although its also been super creative, its been taxing........on my scrapping!
Anyway, I'm back!   And finally getting caught up with a few projects.
So Project Life has been started... I've actually got up until week 8 done, but so far have only photographed and edited a few pages... nevertheless - its a beginning and being on school holidays is great to wind down with the girls plus scrap!  Hannah is home which we LOVE  and oooh GREAT news.... Meaghan is moving to New Zealand in June!  She has a new job there and she is thrilled.  I know New Zealand is not Tasmania, but its close, closer than UK!   AND we can visit more often!
Anyway, I'm sure it will play out in PL as time passes!!
Here's my cover page... yes its a page I did at the beginning of the year for Creative Jumpstart 14 and had this in mind at the time.    Don't you just love those little black plastic inserts, perfect for a few words or date etc......

Week 1
The fireworks from our front porch being set off down on the beach.
Not quite PL style, but a 12x12 to back the page above.

Week 2
I had quite a collection of old MME 4x6 transparencies (and I mean *old* - like 2005-6 etc!) and how perfect they are for PL!  I must have had an inkling way back then *wink*, because they are soooooooo useful now!   If I see them..... I'll buy them!   Not great to photograph though - that darned reflection (rolling eyes)... but in the album - fabulous!
Below -scrappy day with my gf, we have this 'round robin' going with three of us, though one gf is missing for this day. LOL, cant see much scrapping going on though! hee hee. 
 Paige off for leadership role at camp and my BIL and niece's birthdays.

Week 3
Hannah's birthday and another scrappy get-together!

I'm getting called right now, 'Mum when will you be finished on your computer?' 
We have to go 'ball dress' hunting for Paige...
 Its a cocktail dress evening, so a-shopping-we-shall-go....
Should be fun!

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Happy Easter 2014!

We've had our lovely Easter morning and our Easter breakfast tradition continues....
This year the colour scheme was blue and white....
I found this lovely chook cage in a reject shop... and in went some shredded book pages and a lovely posie of flowers...all wrapped in a white bow.
All hidden behind these doors so the family cant see in!
It's a Easter morning surprise!

Here they come!

Ready to come into the dining room!

Finding some warm cosy fleecy pj's on their seats....
Couldn't resist buying these... so ended up an Easter gift!

The hunt is on....doesn't matter how old they are!!!

The heights they go to!

 YUM!  dh went out and got some fresh hot cross buns early this morning!

After breakfast had finished....
and not to be missing out on attention....
Maggie flew in!  
'Hey you!!'

All done and dusted with fun and laughter for another year


This is a little album I've had for years and finally painted it white, covered it and got it ready to add pics from our coming Easter.

Hope you and yours are having a wonderful Easter!



Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Let's Get Shabby Challenge #53

Challenge #53

 is all about showing your
SHABBY EASTER or SPRING (or both - up to you!)
This is a little album I've had for years and finally painted it white, covered it and got it ready to add pics from our coming Easter.

I'm looking forward to Easter!
It will be a welcome time off with the family...
and soon it will time to think about what plans I have for my Easter Breakfast table!
I've been very sadly missing action lately.
But work has been so busy and at the moment I'm choreographing for 'Oklahoma!' a musical theatre production.
I've barely had time to do any scrapping and tiredness is an unwanted friend.
With opening night this Friday and the incessant rehearsing finally finishing - things should settle down.   This production has been in rehearsal since last September so its a long road to the finish line.
Bring on Easter!
And make sure you enter your project in

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Let's Get Shabby #52/ The Rescue Baby Bird / Our Beautiful World #35

Oh gosh, I'm sure you all think I've run away!  
Its been the longest I think ever not posting here on my blog.
But, its been incredibly busy with the end of Summer, starting back to work, getting kids to school, making sure Hannah is settled in her new home where she studies etc etc... and choreographing for 'Oklahoma' musical which has turned out much bigger than expected - time-wise.
And the return for the year of
and its a fabulous one - don't you just LOVE this beautiful vintage Audrey Hepburn poster to be interpreted any way you would like....
Weeeeeell, it just had to be another 'dress form' for me!! hee hee....
I used the poster as a sketch,   re-created the pose and skirt.   Loved the 'leaf' motif on the wall in the poster, and imposed leaves in multiple places in my layout
Gluing in white petals and a few leaves for the skirt....
Hope you can join in HERE
Hope to see you there!
A Rescue...
We have an enormous Palm tree in our front garden... and a week and a half ago, my dh found a little sparrow chick down the bottom of the trunk... it had fallen out of its nest.  There was no way of getting it back up there - or which of the many nests to put it back into...
Soooooooo I couldn't leave it there for the feral cats to eat - just couldn't...
I'm toooo soft!
So in it came...
I fathomed it was about 9-10 days old... and does have a sore leg/foot probably from the fall
(funny little creature- nothing cute about it!)
17th February

So fed it every hour and kept it warm
and three days later looked like this.....
One would hope it grows into it's beak and feet!
(the sore leg is getting better)
20th February

24th February....
It likes its little cane nest.. and does little flutter to get to its perch now, though the leg is not fully healed which doesn't help with landing.

Look how many feathers it has grown over the last five days since the 20th!
Looking much cuter!


Its seems a happy little soul. And tries its hardest to get up on my shoulder.
 What do you think it is?
Boy or Girl?
I'm thinking 'probably a boy?
Time will tell when the colouring appears stronger- that's if its going to at all.
We've called it 'Chirp'
 (its quite vocal!)

I won it!  I was so pleased!!
With this
So happy!!!
Here's my prize.....
How exciting!  Love these stamps!
The word is
I couldn't go past using this one of
Look at those soft fluffy feathery-features....


Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Last Creative Jumpstart 14 Project... The Cover Page for My 2014 Project Life Album

I've got to the end of creating within the realms of Creative Jumpstart 2014 and completed each one of the challenges/ideas/giveaways, although what I've been challenged to do, will stay with me  for sure....
This started out as a dumping page for the excess ink I had left in my colander from my last project.

Did spray the inside of the colander with water to make it a bit more 'drippy'
Still didn't know what I'd do with this yet

Had some extra paper with some more dumped excess paint from various things.. so punched out some shapes which became interesting!

Aaaah the use of a household product...
Nathalie Kalbach (who runs Creative Jumpstart) gave the idea of different patterns with wrapping rubber bands around cardboard and using them like a stamp - cool idea!
This is just one rubber band...

loaded with paint...

gives a large zigzag effect - kinda representative of sewing!

The circles became 'round-about' like.. and I knew then it would be the cover page for my Project Life Journal!
As there are a heap of  wonderful sponsors, we can enter under any of them if we are inspired by a tutorial using a household good/s of one of the fabulous tutors.  Many thanks to Nathalie's idea
I'm going to pop this under
 It worked well and while I haven't had a kit from the fabulous Cocoa Daisy.. the Project Life products in the kit sure does resonate with my cover page!

all a part of