Saturday, 25 April 2015


So proud of my girls.....
In Hobart - Paige and Hannah marched in place of my father who can no longer march
Here's what Paige wrote:
Hannah and I marched in place of our Grandpa today.
The medals I am wearing are Grandpa's
 and the medals Hannah is wearing are our Great-Great Grandfathers from World War One
(known as Pip, Squeak and Wilfred)
Afterwards, Grandpa and I went to the Air Force Club to have a drink or two with his friends,
and we met some really funny people, it was a blast!
Anyway, it was an absolute honour to march with the Air Force today, and the service was wonderful.

Lest We Forget those who lost their lives. We were marching for you today.
Found a pic of when Paige marched next to her Grandpa in 2011
wearing my great grandfather's medals
And in Brisbane,
 where Meaghan is this week,
she headed off very early this morning to the dawn service:
(grainy pic because it was lightened from being in the dark of the morning)

And while being away from her home in Nelson New Zealand,
it was hit by a 6.3 magnitude earthquake yesterday afternoon with many after shocks:
Here's what was reported:
An earthquake measuring 6.3 has hit central New Zealand, rattling Wellington and Christchurch.
The quake, centred in the Nelson region, occurred at a depth of 80 kilometres, 45 kilometres east of the village of St Arnaud, on the north of the South Island, at 3.36pm local time, said GeoNet, which provides geological hazard information for New Zealand.
A magnitude 4.2 earthquake was registered in a similar location at a depth of 69 kilometres at 3.46pm, followed by a 4.1 quake, 76 kilometres deep, at 3.53pm.
Fingers crossed that all are safe there

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Cover and tags - Altered Book / Jennifer Graces Next Blog Event...

Still putting my little altered book/diary together
up until August now....
Here's the cover, just plain and simple and stamped
 with paint lacquered with Liquidex Gloss Varnish
(had to sand paper the stamped area first as the cover is a bit shiny)
Thought I'd stick with the vintage 'Out to Lunch' stamp I've been using inside :)
An example of a monthly calendar to begin each monthly section
You can just make out an imprint in the cover just above the '2015'
'Robert Louis Stevenson'  
and the little monthly tabs
I've always enjoyed a weekend of solid blog scrapping!
And always look forward to Jennifer Grace's Blog Events
Mark your calendars for May the 15th – 17th!
Its an event that actually gets me doing things I never really thought about or would do!
 you can win this great prize!
I've locked in the date and hopefully it will get this darned mojo of mine a bit of a knee up!

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Altered Vintage Book - Daily Diary

This year has been one of the busiest I've experienced with lack of time to scrap, blog and blog visiting, among other things.  I don't think I've ever had such a skimpy amount of blog posts since the beginning of the year compared to all the other years.
With the involvement of Disney's 'Beauty and the Beast' musical which began last October and ran through the till almost Easter with a two week break for Christmas - weeeell, it just threw me.   As much as I loved (in the end) doing it, so much else has suffered.
I'm getting back on track....slowly and trying to reel in some mojo.
Strangely enough... I didn't even have time to get a diary for 2015!
Yep, you would think that with such a busy schedule, I would need one,
but it has been so predictable and same-same (like clockwork) - I didn't really need one, especially with the girls now living away to study.
But I miss a diary and in the past have always had one that feels nice to write in and seems expressive...
last night, I picked up a little vintage book (got a few little ones put aside) measuring 11 x17cm
    and just a little over a 1cm wide - perfect!
 and worked out how many pages I need for each day - from now until the end of the year....
and looked how many pages where in the book... also perfect!
Then set about painting out the pages..
The little blue book is English and called the 'Wrong Box'  -
 somehow seems to fit my way of life has run its course this year!
Found a 2015 calendar to put in one of the first pages of the book...
And used this fabulous vintage stamp...
I do feel 'Out to Lunch'!!  Appropriate!
Then thought... why not add in a monthly calendar too
so I found this one and printed it out for April...
the calendars will probably be the only things I'll stick in the book...(and monthly tags)
AND since this one is red... thought I'd stick with 'red' for April!
The rest will be just paint and ink stamping so it doesn't get too bulky to carry in my handbag.
I wanted to back track a little to pop Easter in and my working trip away, so the date preceding to yesterday, I've put two per page....  (and usual protocol -photoshopped out some of the personal/business details :) )
So from yesterday onwards...  it means one date per page to scribble away on...
No dressing it up... no adding in photos/pictures.... just my scribble...
Now I have a diary which lives in my bag...
-breathed new life into a forgotten old book gathering dust
AND..... recycled - always good for the trees

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Easter Breakfast Table 2015!


And what a wonderful Easter morning we have had!
The table decorated.... neutral this year..
With added eggs...

In they come....

The fun begins.....

So does the Easter hunt....
(never too old!)
(dh is camera shy, though happy to take the pic!)
Love our Easter mornings!
(argh!  forgot the bunny ears this year again!!!!)

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Let's Get Arty Challenge # 62 
Alter/change (in an ARTY way) the pattern on  patterned paper or fabric. Use some/all/tiny piece of your original paper/fabric in your project to make some reference to it.   We need two photos of original paper before altering and your finished project.

I used this older MME paper,

removing the patterned part of the paper

 and underlying it with October Afternoons 'Public Library' Biography paper

Then moving it all towards the left....

with a lot of inking and a tiny bit of paint.... led to this rearrangement:

Go check out the other designers interpretations for this challenge
all very different all with different genres :)
Hope to see you

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Let's Get Arty's Reminder for Challenge #61

Let's get shabby
Have you tried 'Chip It' yet?
There's a few days left to enter the challenge
Just go to the site, put in any photo you please and get your swatch to work from!
Just pick at least four colours of your choice!

Look at this example!
and here's a little card I made up ....  (you can use any genre)
 Find the challenge

Sunday, 1 March 2015

'Let's Get Arty'

Oh boy I've taken a bit of a break from blogging...its the longest I've ever stopped blogging for ever!
and not because I've wanted to...
It's been an incredibly busy time for us here with this weekend being the opening of our season of the musical Disney's 'Beauty and the Beast'.
Rehearsals and last minute 'stuff' have been relentless leaving little time for anything else.
In the meantime, my studio had started it's new year, so settling into new classes, accounts, paperwork... aaah - you know what I mean.
We also settled Paige and Hannah into their new home staying with their grandparents who live four hours drive away so they can study.  Dh and I are empty-nesters for the first time in 32yrs!
So, yes, the blog had to take a backseat.
More new things have happened....
Let's Get Shabby has
After 6 years, times have changed and many of us have found our styles have too!
Colour Swatch Challenge!

Go on over to 'Let's Get Arty' to see how this challenge works!!!
You get to pick your own photo to get your own swatches!!!
This is mine taken at art class!

Hannah's little antique quote book...
I found this quote and love it.. soooo true!
and perfect
Hope you join in!!
It's heaps of fun!!!

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Creative Jumpstart 2015 - Natalya Aitkens Inspiration

Creative Jumpstart 2015
Natalya Aitkens - Dryer Sheets
This was a technique that had a fabulous end result.
I love this! 
It could quite easily be placed on a canvas and its much bigger/different shape to the tutorial,
 but to be honest...
its going in my travel journal.  I think....
I may begin each section of each country we visited with a 'canvas-like' monument or scene that is like a title page - it speaks volumes in its own textured grandeur way!

oooh, texture texture texture!!!
What a treat to do something so different!

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Creative Jumpstart 2015, Art-Piaskownica, Our Beautiful World...

 Glass bead inspiration by Andrea Gomoll
Who would have known there was a world of 'skins'!!
I really hadn't taken any notice,  and though Andrea showed a choice of skins that could be used,
So with some glass bead gel...
mixed with green ink,   made these little leaves with wire stems...
I haven't had  a chance to play with challenges for the last couple of months, though did have full intentions...however, getting stuck into and fully applied to Creative Jumpstart mixed media workshop with a video everyday... its been full on plus being summer with the need to be outdoors too! 
Though when I saw some great photography critera challenges... can do that!!
fotoGRA - światło
The washing of some of the Nutcracker costumes...
they looked so pretty hanging on the line. 
I love Summer and don't want it to end!
You can see a blue prism extending up towards the left top corner changing to pinks, even yellow.

fotoGRA "ciepło"

I took this of my friend's birthday cake as we couldn't believe how the candles 'lit' up!