Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Let's Get Arty #67

Let's Get Arty's
An 'Inspiration' picture!
I took inspiration from the bed and bedding, the colour white, and indicated the greenery by the picture above the bed by a single leaf.  There are also books and slippers under the bed in brown colours.  Created in this vintage book - gives that shabby vintage feel.

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in my garden....
And today we said good-bye to Uncle Ernie...

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Sunday Sketches and Our Beautiful World.....

 Just felt the need to sketch a door.....
figuratively speaking...

Sometimes,  I really like the black pen and no colour, then it gets the better of me and 'need'' to apply some colour.......  why it's always feeling like its 'unfinished' like this below...
I just don't know.

Twinkling H20's - China Black, Pewter, Tahitian and Indian Copper....

Another page finished :)

At Our Beautiful World,
 the theme is BEADS...
Beaded dew ready to run down this plant

My mum made me this lovely stuffed fabric teacup pin cushion...
topped with lovely bead - pins.....

Close - up....
Hope to see your lovely
'Bead' photography
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Friday, 28 August 2015

Paint Party Friday Week#25

This week I thought I'd have another go at doing a three page layered drawing.
So here the first page is the window frame, the second is the pot plant sitting at the window and the third is the background page of the door and bookcase.
Hard to tell the layers from this photo though...
Started with a sketch of a window....
And then cut out the 'panes'

The 2nd page... cut out the negative space leaving the pot plant 
Now with the window pane overlay

With the 3rd page is in background now yet to be sketched and painted

The start of the sketch.  I actually had drawn the door knob down lower (as you can see) only to end up being covered by the window framing, so had to draw it higher

Watercolour pencils and a water-well brush

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Have a great weekend!

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Sunday Sketches and Our Beautiful World

It was really nice to have some time to sit, read, draw and chat today..
I love Sundays!
The Winter sun is shining,  the pre-spring blooms are putting on a show,
along with the weeds.... weeds?  Do you ever wonder who deemed some plants
the unwanted weeds, while the other plants are welcome in our gardens?
Watercolour pencils, black outliner and white gelly roll pen.
You can find Sunday Sketches
Sunday Sketches
The theme this week is
Rustic Winter getaway....at our local wildlife farm
a little Blue Fairy Wren visitor...
Paige at the Paris Opera House
We walked the stairs at the Eiffel tower...
 Paige and I did a  'Downton Abbey' Tour... the stairs in the 'Dowager's' house
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Friday, 21 August 2015

Paint Party Friday #24

Just a simple quick sketch and paint with water-well brush, oooh, I just didn't have the time this week, nor the inclination to do anything that required a lot of concentration, I wanted to do something, but not much - do you ever feel like that?
 Its been sooooo busy, and am glad to finally get to the end of it! 
 Did I tell you how much I loathe flying!
(leave it till another time!)
Twinkling H20's  - Spanish Moss, Autumn Butterfly, Nutmeg, Rainforest
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Monday, 17 August 2015

Sunday Sketches and Our Beautiful World #110

Its been a very busy week, and at the moment I'm away interstate with work so haven't been able to visit blogs - but I'll catch up soon!

 Twinkling H20's  Guatemalan Green, Pewter, Desert Clay, Solar Gold

Sunday Sketches
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The word this week is....
At a local mountain side chair-lift sees Winter time closure...
its too cold, so the chairs remain vacant looking over a magnificent view...
In winter - the only option is walking up the zigzag track to the top of the mountain
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Friday, 14 August 2015

Paint Party Friday #23

Yesterday, Hannah started her job placement, and while she felt she has SO much to learn,
she had an amazing day and loved every minute of it.
There were at times a lot of information to absorb, with feelings of being overwhelmed, but she kept herself steady and waded through it.
Hopefully this will resonate with her...
Twinkling H20's - Hot Cinnamon, Black China, Pewter
Black brush pen, black Pitt medium outliner, and white Jelly Roll pen.

Paint Party Friday
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Sunday, 9 August 2015

Sunday Sketches and Our Beautiful World

Finding joy in small things...
Twinkling H20 Chestnut    - the beginning
China Black, Apple Blossom, Pewter, Olive Vine
Bronze, Spanish Moss, Harvest Sol, Chestnut

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Aaaaah just before bed... a lovely cup of chamomile

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