Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Creative blog tour..... a bit of a chat....


This is a bit of fun,  and what's great is we get to learn more about creative crafters, processes and maybe get inspired....
So after being in a long line of creative crafters, I'd like to thank lovely Leslie
who I 'know' from the fabulous 'Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog for nominating me...

 At the end of this post I will be introducing you to a few more of my creative friends. Please visit their blogs for an inspirational stop on the tour!
We have been passed on some questions to answer...
What am I working on?
At the moment it’s trying to get up to date two (and a half) Project Life styled albums….
One being for 2014, not nearly as filled as I would like!!

The other is our family’s overseas trip,
 And the half – is a mini-album still somewhat in Project Life form for our Cradle Mountain trip to the snow with fabby scrappy friend Julie.

My other ongoing project is a little German antique book called ‘Das Drama’(1911) repurposed page by page for my daughter Hannah containing inspirational quotes etc. 
 Bit by bit with great challenges being around, I get another page for one of them done.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?
Hmmn, not sure if I do? But what I can say is that I’m probably diverse and hopefully when you come to my blog, you will see something different each time.  I don’t seem to stick to one type or genre. 

Why do I create what I do?
Scrapping/creating is an outlet, an escape. I actually forget where I am, what’s happening around me and what time it is when the arty side needs to paint, smooch, sketch and spray with the one photo, but interestingly I began to notice that my family aren’t drawn to those pieces of work as much.  However, with the Project Life styled albums, they will paw through them constantly, remark, laugh, screw their faces up and make exclamations – so this is the memory keeping part of my scrapping, it does have a purpose! I did question why/what I was creating before Project Life came along.

How does your creating process work?
I love criteria! (definitely a challenge blog junkie!)  I think I’ve evolved into a scrapper who NEEDS it to create.  I’m not sure if I could come up with something without it, probably would sit with it in front pushing embellishments round and round a 12x12 for ages!  Regardless, I hardly ever start with a photo (not counting PL as it is photo driven)  The criteria, or products get me so inspired that something is created before even considering the photos, however with thousands of photos in computer files – it’s not hard to pick a photo to suit  LOL!  I also have to walk away from my project quite a few times to come back with fresh eyes, so I’m definitely a ‘slow’ scrapper.  I just love the process (but not the sticking down!)tee hee….


I hope you enjoyed this little creative blog tour...
and now I'd love to introduce you to two very creative friends....

My Photo
 whom I've met a couple of times in real life. We live on opposite sides of Australia, and last year Julie and daughter Asher came to holiday with us.  I've known Julie since 2007 and was such an inspiration way back then.  We run 'Let's Get Shabby' Challenge blog together. Julie has a soft romantic shabby style to her scrapping which I adore.

Another very valued and creative Let's Get Shabby Team member is
My Photo
who hails from England and I adore her work!  Jan has been on the 'Let's get Shabby' team for a few years now and is a beautiful crafter, mostly off the page vintage style with amazing findings! For sure, with every visit, there is something completely different to be inspired by.

Thanks Julie and Jan for jumping on board the
Creative blog Tour!

Monday, 21 July 2014

Assorti Colour Challenge, Paper Dvizhnik

Assorti Challenge blog has this very pretty colour palette of pink, white and crimson to play with.
Plus, also has a 'cold' requirement, like ice-cream, snow etc etc...
I had this lovely photo of Hannah being a snow angel with her pretty pink scarf  and her top she is wearing under her parka-jacket is crimson - perfect for this challenge!
I've made up a transparency sleeve page with white shaved ice glitter, little round sequins and pinwheel sequins captured by sewing them inside. 

 I had a bit of fun creating this - and what a great theme - motion....


Sunday, 20 July 2014

Guesting for Amiche di Scrap PL#7

Amiche di Scrap (Friends of Scrap)
 is a lovely Italian Challenge blog which offers a variety of different challenge genres....
You can find them HERE
Friends of Scrap Challenge Blog
I love their Project Life challenges as it gets me moving along for some completed pages!
 Challenge #7
Use at least 5 arrows.....
Great for my trip album and heaven knows (insert rolling eyes) ... I need a push!! :)
Pretty much I set up a direction and planned my page for the arrows like this:
And it worked a treat!
There's a great little prize to be won....
You can find the challenge
Hope to see you there

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Amiche di Scrap PL Challenge #6

Oh my gosh...  so much for scrapping time this holidays.... I'm afraid that just didn't happen....
but first...... I did manage today to get  a page done....
I love doing Amiche di Scraps challenges because its one way to get a PL page finished!
It's all about using Washi Tape :  (PL #6)
The top page is our little rescue sparrow 'Chirp' who woke one morning with a horrible swelling on the side of her head and a dreadful looking eye....weeeeell, I struggled with the thought of taking her to the vet because.... she's a 'sparrow'!   A vet bill for a sparrow!  Would the vet just laugh and think, 'good grief'! And the vet assistant reminded me on the phone that the consultation would start at $56.00, and I said, whatever because me being me....the hopeless ' Miss-must-rescue-everything' took the bird to the vet... of course covered up in a tiny little cage - firstly because I didn't want to her to stress and flap about seeing other animals in the waiting room, and secondly - I didn't want to be embarrassed taking a 'sparrow' to the vet!   Yes I felt silly!  But I knew I could NOT let her suffer!    ANyway, all good and well in the waiting room until an elderly man with a fluffy little white dog asked 'What do you have there?'  UGH (whhhhy do these things happen to me!)..... so I just whispered 'a bird'.    Thought that was enough... and then he said in a LOUD voice... 'what sort of bird?'   
OH FAR OUT!!!  All eyes on me!   So I whispered 'a sparrow'   and waited for the 'look's of 'your kidding'.....but he was lovely and said, 'Oh yes, been there done that'   we had a lovely little sparrow for years'.   I felt better!   The vet was lovely,  he even said what a dear little bird and how good she was to handle, gave her antibiotics and charged me only $22 for the consultation!  I think he felt sorry for me and Chirp.  Of course the medicine was a separate cost.  I was relieved we could make little Chirp better and within a few days her eye swelling went down, and she was a new little bird.

So what happened to all my scrapping I was going to do....
weeeeell, I ended up sewing costumes instead, as we have had our eisteddfods here
Created these Korean costumes for Paige and Maddy.
In the dressing room before performing last night.
They won this..... (complete with wooden knitting needles and tassles for head pieces)

We had some great wins, and places...
Its been very busy and finally its all over.
I'll catch up and show more comp photos in PL when I get to do the corresponding week...so behind on it really!

And I tried to spend any remaining time with Hannah who has been home for the holidays, she goes back today (sniff sniff)
This is how I found both the girls yesterday morning after hearing giggles from Paige's room...
they miss each other....

Anyway, maybe I might be able to get some scrapping in over the weekend...??
Hope so!



Sunday, 6 July 2014

Yay, I'm on holidays......

Weeeeeeeeeell, kinda on holidays other than our dance competition work
but for the most part, classes are on finished for two weeks, and I have more time for scrapping and blog hopping to say 'hi' -that's been sadly missing the past month - work has been full on, so I'm sorry I haven't been around to visit.  I've have though managed to do a LO here and there late at night just to escape work and think about something else.   Hannah will be home tomorrow for a couple of weeks too which will be lovely. 
Today (instead of doing housework) I scrapped and took on the Unity Stamp Co Challenge
LO sketch challenge.
I've collected a few of Unity's stamps over the time and are definitely among my favourites!
Here's the sketch
I picked up the grid pattern by sewing and used numbers too....
I used four out of this packet of these Unity stamps...
'a little bit of washi'
And by using them on embossed paper - the patterns come out a little different as well....it gives another dimension....
Below is a sample of the main side to this MME Lost and Found 2 paper, and the cream reverse side which is the side I used....
With a stamping result like this....
There's  light partial stamping of the polka dot stamp directly onto the background paper - so here you can see the difference....

The numbers stamp is 'Numbers, Etc'
And for each number, I just coloured it in with texta and stamped...
 (I have used this stamp sooooo much!!!!)
In the circle work....
it was stamped with Unity's 'Vintage Ledger' first,
(I've had this stamp forever!)

then with 'a little bit of washi' stamps around the outside
It was great to get some good photos of Paige, especially trying to capture a 'still' moment as she was moving though her exercises at the barre....most of the photos showed her going into or out of a movement or with others in the photo... sigh.... but these are good!

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Orange Paperie & Co Challenge

 has a great challenge with a tic tac toe grid...
Pick a line - up, down, across or diagonally
So I did the middle down....
Stamping, Orange and Butterflies
And managed to complete another page for my Trip album
We could not believe the amount of security cameras wherever we went in China...
It shows 'they' are always watching!
Blogs and facebook are prohibited
It sure was an experience