Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Last Projects for Jennifer Grace's Frosty Blog Event....

Here are the last few projects I had ready for
Jennifer Grace's Frosty Blog Event...
A bold deer character (made him Rudolph!)with entanglement and some jingle bells!
Using some string - wound it on a splat of glue to make the nose
and cut out an outline silhouette found online and printed it on blue paper

Stitched a border too.
Ah weeeeell.... I made one!  The clay I used is quite soft so it was hard to keep shape
but eventually it dried - and got it painted.
I love little baby plovers and at the moment they are emerging from eggs..with very protective swooping mothers..  LOL,... its a funny looking bird! 

Bit of fun though!
Made one(would have made more but ran out of time) from the Christmas Movie
 'Meet Me in St Louis' with Judy Garland singing
 'Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
One last photo....
Happy Birthday!
Paige's Nan turned 82 a couple of days ago...
I love this photo....
Bless their hearts

Saturday, 15 November 2014

December Daily Covers - DONE!

Pop on over to
 to see the covers to my books completed!
Hopefully we will see you over there!
 Let's December Daily

Friday, 14 November 2014

Jennifer Grace's Frosty Blog Event - Felt Santa

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeell, this was different!
It's the first time I've EVER made anything like this!
Charming Felt Santa / Gnome Doorstop (Or Toy!) by Jennifer Grace Creates
You can find Jennifer Grace's Pattern for him HERE
For some reason, (probably its cuteness!) I felt inspired and set off to buy some felt and have a play to see if I could actually re-create it!
And it worked!!!   LOL, what a hoot!
The instructions were very easy to follow  - a big plus for a person who doesn't 'do' instructions well!
I'm so proud of him!   And still in a way in disbelief  that I made it to the end and this little santa looks pretty good! Bonus!
I took some pics along the way...
All cut out and ready to go....
I did glue some things in place so they wouldn't move, then stitched. 

Some hand stitching...and luckily my sewing machine did manage to get through the layers of felt as well!  I actually added a strip of white along the bottom of his hat. And cut out a buckle shape from a scrap of black suede.

LOL, after having a go at making 'tassels' earlier this week,  I thought I'd have a go at a pom-pom... weeeell, it didn't quite work out as I thought but managed to nip and tuck it here and there, and its kinda presentable!  

I did fill it with soft fibre stuffing in the top 3/4's, and then a bag of rice in the bottom to anchor it
Cute little fellow!!


Thursday, 13 November 2014

Jennifer Grace's Frosty Blog Event, and Counterfeit Challenges...

Still working on some of the challenges at
Jennifer Grace's Frosty Blog Event!
 It's open until the 17th November...
Here are some of my finished projects...
It's a bit monocromatic with a pop of colour in blues/greens and to create a snow drift, I've used some 'Glitter Snow' down the bottom of the photo. (love this stuff, given to me by Tania) There's lots of glittery bits with the little blue sequins and larger pinwheel sequins.

This was a new way of thinking for me....
Not only to pick the sentiments first, but also to create a bold card, a traditional card, and an elegant card.

I have to say, this was a wonderful approach and I really enjoyed it....
First - the Bold card...
When I think bold, I think striking colours together.. so with my chosen sentiment -
the red and white word 'Believe'
putting black and red with it seemed to work. 

The 'Traditional' Card is made up of an old fashioned Santa card with the children's words down the bottom  'Yes, we've been very good'. 
On the trees, I've stuck some gems to dress them (and the card) up a little. The cards layers are helped with sticky foam-dots. (hard to see)  And finished with a little red bow.
Third is the 'Elegant' card - the 'Rejoice' sentiment really suited the 'Elegant' ideal too in a
Shabby-Chic kind of way.
The next Challenge
 is to 'pile' up embellishments on a trio of tags...  (probably did more of a 'piling on' rather then 'up'! LOL)
by using layering...
I got out the paints and stencils and piled them on layers.... including some washi tape

Then on with the embellishments... brads, little house transparency, ribbon, trim, tinsel, sentiments, a part of a prima glitter branch and a layered Santa sticker.  Lots of things!!

And  then this one....
Made some tassels and glued them to some PL cards along with some  tiny epoxy tags.
LOVE making tassels - soooo easy (much easier than you'd think!) I used needle and thread for the first tassel, then glue with the next... and both worked a treat on their respective tassels!
The instructions are here
So I think I've been challenged in all sorts of incredible ways!
You can find it all
And very lastly (but not at all least :) )
Still trying to get any PL pages completed from my kit.... and this challenge is about 'doors' and armed with any excuse (and this was a good one!) found a photo which fit! So with this page, when  away on a trip, we had a little visitor - a little possum which really really wanted to come inside.  It held its little hands up (I say hands because they look more like human hands than paws!) against the screen door. Anyway, so ended up including our cabin and this pic of the possum into the page - and, Mayelle (our French exchange student, was more than amused watching its antics!)
 Phew.... All done...
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Sunday, 9 November 2014

Jennifer Grace's Frosty Blog Event!

And it reeeeeeally gets the creativeness going.
It's kinda like the 'cyber crops' of old.. that I used to absolutely love once.
It makes me put away a weekend and just scrap to criteria and inspiration that keeps turning up!
What's more - its a great beginning to Christmas projects!! YAY!
So to start with Jennifer put up a Tag... and for no other reason but to get the show on the road....
'A tag!' I thought!
That's a small enough project to get the creative flow started- PERFECT!
So I made one - in traditional Christmas colours
Don't you LOVE those Santa film strips!!!
Next is an
To create some sort of large/oversized aperture.
Weeeell, I haven't done anything like this for a squillion years!!!
 The star became the journaling tag that sits up on the tree.
Love this pinkish woodgrain ombre paper!
And the stars became focal points too.
(I'm not really into flowers anymore and I used to use a lot!)
Remember the big 10"x8" photos!! LOL
I truly cannot remember when I last scrapped one that size!
But with my aperture being the window on Christmas morning - it worked!!
Seeeeeeee- I'd never have done this - unless challenged like how Jennifer thinks!
Measured out, I cut out the squares to form the windows
Then used those left over squares for the 'shutters' around the windows, just reversed the colours up the sides so the lightest was on the darkest background etc.
(LOL oh look - play on words in this post already - aperture and shutter!)

I'm really happy to have this large photo in this LO because I think its one of those LO's that might end up in a frame and displayed at Christmas time...
I don't make many cards, however this blog event is certainly going to make my sad card box a little more stocked up!  And with Christmas cards too!
Who would have thought to make a Christmas card in rainbow pastel colours! (Not me!)
To think of what to use for the rainbow colours was the thing!
I didn't have enough colours in embossing powders... but...
I did have the colours in IZINK!
Love this stuff!
So I painted some strips on white cardstock...

Using a little circle punch, punched out a 'bauble' in each rainbow colour.
then tossed up between stencilling or sticking on some snippets of white paper doilies..
and weeell, I think the doilies have almost the same effect...
and used another IZINK painted out rainbow background for the card.
Then to finish it off, placed a strip of chipboard across the top
(it was looking bare)  and a sentiment.
(the light was dying in the late afternoon so photo is not the best)
You can just see the lovely shimmer the IZINKs give off.
Using Wood/woodgrain
Don't really have much in the way of actual wood, but plenty in woodgrain papers,
so made up a little PL card with a little fence all tied up with crochet cotton string
and little ties of the string tied in knots in between each 'plank'.
The fence is made from the left over ombre wood grain paper from the Aperture (large window) LO, so great to use up scraps!
 Love these shimmering glitter stars!
Following on is....
Twin Cards
(Louise's time saving ideas)
These two just evolved - picked out some neutral kraft and patterned paper from my scraps (again...got to love that!)
Inked and sewed around the edges with straight stitch and a hint of zigzag at the top
The stencilling on both the cards was from random bits of a TCW stencil called 'Tile Texture'
 Made the little wreaths with cream crochet cotton and four knots holding them into place with some little stars slipped into the string - pop of blue on one card and red on the other....
The sentiments sit on a piece of washi tape - again for a little pop of colour.
All done for now - what fun!!
If you want to see the challenges
you can find a list of them
Frosty Festivities 2014 Free Blog Event at Jennifer Grace Creates


Pop on over to
to see the beginning of my
altered vintage books unfold....
Yes! I said books!! LOL...
there's a story behind it!!



Friday, 7 November 2014

Let's December Daily.... Preparation...the beginning!

Let's December Daily Badge
Pop on over to
to see the beginning of my
altered vintage books unfold....
Yes! I said books!! LOL...
there's a story behind it!!

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Counterfeit Kits Challenge #1, Amiche di Scraps LO Challenge #14 and Let's December Daily...

'Be inspired by Pinterest'!
 So its about finding something on the Pinterest boards....and recreate or interpret it somehow into  our own papers and embellishments.
And because I'm so desperately trying very hard to catch up on my Project life, did another page!
Here's what I found 
(they are actually free journaling cards!)
Free Journaling Cards: Tis the Season
Yay another page done!
Criteria - to use black Bazzil background:
Weeeeell, again, I've created another PL page
(soooo far behind) I thought for this challenge, I'll do a 12x12 - but create it so it fits in my album and look PL style (big smile):
Let's December Daily Badge
Remember to pop by! 
There are some 'Mr Linky's' up to use and share your work!!
We'd love to see !