Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Paint Party Friday..

One thing I'm really pleased about at the moment, is that I'm getting pages finished for Hannah's little vintage quote book.   I hope you don't get too tired of seeing them!
I'd love to finally be able to give it to her and am wondering if that day will ever come.
Since painting and sketching inside it, the book isn't getting as 'fat' as it was with embellishments and a lot of thick gesso layering etc, but I'm sure there will still be some lumps and bumps to go into it yet.
Hannah played piano for eight years and she absolutely loved her teacher who very sadly passed away last week. So a page is very fitting for Hannah's little book to commemorate her precious memories of piano lessons with a grand lady who loved Hannah just as much.
Watercolour pencils, waterbrush, black outliner pen

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Sunday, 5 July 2015

SOC 4 and Our Beautiful World....

Red + Red + Metallic
I went with gold for my metallic..
And love it!

 A fun little tortoise :)

You can find it
July is a snowy cold month!
Cradle Mountain always puts on a show!
Lucky  for the chicken wire hammered down on the pathway...  it becomes less slippery. 
 Hannah follows Paige....
Treading a  new path....
The island of Tasmania lies between the mainland Australia to its north
and Antarctica to its south..... 
and yes in winter, parts of Tasmania gets a good layer of snow.

Hope you can show us your photographic pathway stories!
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Friday, 3 July 2015

Paint Party Friday

Another little watercolour...
Black outliner
Add in twinkling H20's and my water well brush :)
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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Let's Get Arty's July's Challenge is up......

Challenge #65 is ready to get arty...
and its all about .....
Anything to do with books:
 like pages, print, origami, gift wrapping, repurpose or make your own miniature book, a new book, cover a book , dress up a page inside a book or it could be about your favourite book.....
or any idea of your own, so long as it has something to do with books!

Whatever it is….make it arty! 
Another little quote and sketch for Hannah....

Out with the twinkling H2O's (so in love with these!!!)
Feeling the same about my aquabrush too!
I really wanted to try capture the 'shimmer' of the Twinks... and here it is in green,
It's hard to photograph it and show its true value - watercolour with shimmer!
Hope you can join in the challenge!!!

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Sunday Sketches and Our Beautiful World -2nd Anniversary!!!

I thought I'd add another little page for Hannah in her vintage altered book....
It's so fitting, I remember taking both the girls on a plane trip to see 'Wicked' quite a few years ago now and watched them sit through the musical with wide eyes, dropped jaws and wonderment...
Love my watercolour pencils and aquabrush

You'll find it HERE
Sunday Sketches
Celebrates it's 2ND Anniversary!!
This time there is a prize which will be drawn randomly!!
All you have to do is submit
your photographic interpretation of:
TWO is Better than One!
(two of the same thing)
Look at these pair of galahs....
When I spotted them in front of my home, they were kissing and cuddling
and by the time I ran and grabbed my camera - they stopped!  UGH! 
 Though... you do get to see the back and the front colourings of them.
Nevertheless...... there are TWO of them... and look - TWO wires as well!!

Here are some taken at our local wildlife park


Two little bunnies!

Come along and share you 'TWO is better than one' stories!


Friday, 26 June 2015

Paint Party Friday Yr 5 Week 16

What fun!!!
I've had this little project in my mind for a few weeks...
Ever since this happened.....
Yep, upsetting.... bird down chimney and flew amok till it broke something
(full story HERE)
A beautiful handpainted mug I brought back from time spent in Israel another lifetime ago..
AND also......
I was sooooooo inspired by
Tracey Fletcher King's gorgeous art with her cups.... (T-A-L-E-N-T-E-D!)
Just had to have a go and resurrect mine and immortalise it in some sort of painted form
(of course to my much less though very happy enough that its progressing with this sort of inspiration.. ability!!
 Turned out better than I thought it would!!! Whoop whoop!)
Out with the glue!
watercolour pencils and aquabrush
 Then a black outliner to finish off.

close enough.....  (big smile)
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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

SOC Week 3

Purple + purple + yellow...
wow!  Purple is one of those colours that is usually the last on the list,
almost to the 'steer clear of' list!
LOL, so this would be a challenge, and it worked! (weeell, it worked for me)
Another little quote page done for Hannah!

This time I've used Twinkling H20's and a aquabrush...
They leave a gorgeous 'shimmer' on the page (impossible to see from the photos)

More H20's are definitely in my plans!

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